Patricia Silva

Patricia Silva

Patricia Silva: Arts editor, writer, sometimes curator: social intersections of Photography. BFA at School of Visual Arts, MFA, Bard College.

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Ydtk article

Your Decolonizing Toolkit | CultBytes

Taking on race, sexuality and body politics at a time when such conversations are completely of the moment, the curators created a dynamic context for multiple concerns to investigate each other.

Lead flare heatherjohnson ihtwylm article

Slipping Out Like A Lisp: Heather Johnson – Flare Arts Journal

When prolific photographers turn to words, a particular alchemy is released. Visual tendencies have been flexing, so the expressive spaces balancing on words can unleash a surge of consciousness that visual language can picture, but not always re-create. Is it immediacy that makes writing feel so close to thought, or is it the manner with which we absorb words?

Screen shot 2016 06 23 at 3.45.01 pm article

Making a Difference: Image to Action | ICP

The way we talk, discuss, and value how visual language permeates our society is a dialogue that moves through many variants and referents. Are we reviewing this language through a discourse of aesthetics? Or through a lens of political efficacy, within contexts of art practices, or even through an economic matrix? Can we even discuss contemporary art through only one of these avenues for analysis?

Screen shot 2016 05 27 at 11.36.49 am article

Women in Photography and Filmmaking | ICP

Whether you are considered beautiful or gender transgressive, being female means being automatically met with a variety of challenges magnified by race, class, education, and especially, body type.

Screen shot 2016 04 27 at 5.52.07 pm article

Shifting the Negative: An Evening with Zanele Muholi I ICP

An award-winning photographer and 2016 recipient of ICP’s Infinity Award for Documentary and Photojournalism, Muholi presented several portraits from her recent book, Faces and Phases, a clip from Zanele Muholi, Visual Activist co-produced with Human Rights Watch, and a selection of recent self-portraits. Working with and within the communities she belongs to, Muholi situates her work as visual activism out of necessity.

Screen shot 2016 03 12 at 1.18.29 pm article

Question Bridge | ICP

In the afterword for Question Bridge: Black Males in America, Hank Willis Thomas notes that “generations of politicians, activists, and academics…have investigated the ‘plight’ of the African American male, yet far too little is known about the range of internal values and dynamics contained within this group.”

Erikastone singlebeds 1951 article

Day in Ellis Island, 1951: Erika Stone Portfolio | CCNY

Erika Stone doesn’t remember the exact day but in 1951 the adventurous photographer spent a day at Ellis Island. A German immigrant who entered Ellis Island in 1936 with her parents at twelve years old, Stone didn’t photograph Ellis Island with the gaze of a passerby, but with the awareness of a passer-through.

Lota de macedo soares and elizabeth bishop  1960s large article

Tracing the Tide: Barbara Hammer on Elizabeth Bishop | Flare Arts Journal

In Barbara Hammer’s first film, Schizy, 1968, a split lens is used to present a double image from multiple points of view. Multiple vantage points are common occurrences in Hammer’s films, the camera is never relegated the role of a static observer. Wonderfully difficult to describe, Hammer’s films do share this common trait: onscreen and offscreen it’s Hammer’s own physicality that activates visual space.

09 encouble delphine burtin 12 700x600 article

Summer Seeing: 10 Must-See Photos in September 2015 | CCNY

A list of the top 10 photographs to see in NYC in September 2015, for Baxter Street/Camera Club of NY.

Willa nasatir companyfan 20 x 24 inches1 article

Summer Seeing: 10 Must-See Photos in August 2015 | CCNY

A list of the top 10 photographs to see in NYC in August 2015, for Baxter Street/Camera Club of NY.

Higherpictures jeff whetstone banff sun spot article

Summer Seeing: 10 Must-See Photos in July 2015 | CCNY

A list of the top 10 photographs to see in NYC in July 2015, for Baxter Street/Camera Club of NY.

Antunes newmuseum maris hutchinson la view 2 article

In the Clear: Leonor Antunes | Portuguese American Journal

As matter refined by human thought and shaped by the hand, materials carry meanings, histories, metaphors, and various units of social measurement. Leonor Antunes’ current installation at the Lobby Gallery of the New Museum of Contemporary Art — I stand like a mirror before you — invites us to consider spatial and social interplay among materials.

Lorenzomasnah alexseel article

Lower East Sides: Elsewheres Around the Corner | CCNY

Every summer, many expect the art world to hibernate, in cool temperature-controlled repose, remerging with a roar of high sales in the fall season...

Im heung soon reincarnation 220 1000x568 article

IM Heung-soon: “Reincarnation” | CCNY

Baxter St » IM Heung-soon: “Reincarnation”

Browse interviews kaluplinzy2015 video 20suite 201 20d 0 article

The Imaginative Leaps of Kalup Linzy | International Center of Photography

Kalup Linzy has been making works immediately recognizable by their distinct aesthetic, governed by the nuances of rich storylines, editing strategies, and dynamic performances.